The first thing you need to do is find a good quality, clear, close up, head and shoulder, colour photograph for your pet. If this is a dog, the best position is sitting as it’s far more flattering for the head and neck. As we all know, animals don’t always perform on cue, so having an assistant armed with a treat often works wonders. It’s also good if the photograph is taken in outside natural daylight as this will provide me with the most accurate detail and colour and will also reduce problems associated with shadow and flash photography. Once you have a few photographs, a maximum of six please, they can be sent to me via phone or email.  I can then look at your selection and advise you on which one will work better for the commission. I paint just the head and shoulders and remove any background as this makes the portrait really stand out from the page. Foreground and background will only be added if I feel it will enhance the painting and not distract from it. This will incur an additional charge.
Once we have your photograph selected please send it to me using my contact form where you can also give me any additional instructions for your painting.


The price for an original watercolour of your pet is variable due to complexity of animal, but prices start from £300. Once I have all the information from you for the painting I will contact you to discuss your commission and give you a confirmed price. I take a £50 deposit and you only pay the balance when, and if, you are happy with your painting. As an additional service I can also mount and frame your painting for a very reasonable £50. Please contact me for frame colour options.
10″ x 14″ Original watercolour painting of one animal from £300 ( This size is only suitable for one or two subjects)

10" x 14” Original watercolour painting of two animals from £360 ( This size is only suitable for one or two subjects)

12” x 16” Original watercolour painting of three animals from £400 ( This size is only suitable up to three subjects)

Postage and packaging will vary depending if the painting is shipped framed or unframed so please contact me for a postage quote. I can ship nationally and internationally, again, please contact me for a quote.
I really look forward to clients receiving their painting and would like to add that they make wonderful presents for friends and family.
Terms & Conditions of commissioning a pet portrait.